Voting Rights

Pursuant to Article 23 of CSSF Regulation 10-4, Global Evolution Manco (the "Management Company") has established a Voting Rights policy (the "Voting Policy") for its Managed Funds. The Voting Policy is designed to ensure that proxies are voted in the best interests of the managed funds shareholders.

The responsibility for voting proxies relating to portfolio securities has been delegated to the appointed investment manager. Accordingly, the investment manager exercises vote in a way to maximize value to shareholders, that is consistent with the company’s policy and in the best interest of the investors.

The Management company ensures that its investment manager is compliant with applicable rules and regulations and can fulfil this and other assigned duties.

Additionally, the Management Company is seeking confirmation that the investment manager has procedures and internal controls to ensure compliance with the voting policy to mitigate potential conflicts of interests.

More information about the Voting Policy is made available by the Management Company in hard copy free of charge to the investors, upon request.